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  • The integration game

    When Briggs Equipment UK launched its own finance company, BE Finance, to help customers fund its products, it was vital its sales team quickly acquired the […]
  • Weathering the storm

    Changes in company ownership or management can result in shifts in sales strategy that often have more to do with incoming corporate policy or perception rather than market reality – with dire consequences for the bottom line.
  • Shining example

    Atrium brought in Vertical Sales to make sure its management structure was strong enough to drive growth and meet the needs of its succession plan.   […]
  • Hitting the headlines

    Alain Charles Publishing was facing a major conundrum: how to boost global revenues in an incredibly tough media climate.   When Nick Fordham surveyed his global […]

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  • Training and coaching sales managers and sales people alike, defining our sales strategy and direction for the business with our Sales Director and selecting and implementing a CRM system as part of the project team. The results were instrumental in turning the business from loss to profit in extremely turbulent economic times for us and the sector as a whole. I would recommend Cathy to anybody looking for someone to transform their sales division and grow their business. She is creative, commercially astute and delivers results
  • Cathy came to help us drive sales growth at a time of change for the business. She worked to identify the areas that would have the greatest impact on sales revenues. She injected energy and pace at every level in our business to drive the improvement in performance that we needed.
  • Presenting a quote and highlighting the benefits to the customer was the most useful part of the course and I believe I will genuinely sell more (trucks) off the back of it.
  • Cathy delivered the course in a very professional and positive way and was always ready to listen to delegates experiences and give feedback on how to change certain aspects of these experiences at future meetings with customers which was very encouraging.
  • After being out of the industry for 6 years this course came at the right time, it is easy to fall into bad habits and this showed me that I had done that and now needed to look at each deal differently.
  • The team now understand how to push deeper within each account beyond the initial contact. Vertical Sales helped the team to develop key questioning skills that have enabled them to build multi-level client relationships.
  • These new skills and knowledge have given the sales force the opportunity to speak to people at different levels across a business – particularly buyers and decision makers in more senior positions.
  • We also have better visibility and understanding of the margins, which I believe is helping us negotiate better deals; for our customers as well as us.
  • The deal structuring and negotiation training Cathy introduced has been a huge benefit, allowing us to be far more competitive with monthly finance rates, a key customer focus, without eroding margins.
  • We’ve been participating in business we wouldn’t have been before the training. One of our sales managers told me recently that he had got through to the next round in a tender process as a direct result…
  • Cathy has an excellent background in business. She is extremely astute, determined and professional and delivers results.
  • Cathy has helped galvanize and focus the sales operation with respect to both the existing team and recruitment. She has also brought our global team closer together and helped us get through a very tough economic period. The fact is that we have out-performed our competitors.

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