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Staff assessment secures company’s future

June 15, 2016

Having the right staff on board at the right time is the key to a successful business, not just in the good times but, more importantly, when business is not so rosy…


Staff levels (and costs) had increased in step with demand for the company’s services leaving it vulnerable to the economic downturn. Plummeting turnover threatened losses. A restructuring process was in hand but needed validating and those consultants capable enough to see it through had to be identified.


Cathy Bennett first tested and challenged the owners’ thinking for the future plan for the business, making recommendations on a number of critical areas such as reporting, sales management and motivation, cost reduction and conflict resolution. “We then carried out a formal assessment of each recruitment consultant,” she recalled, “comprehensively evaluating each member of staff’s strengths and weaknesses before recommending who would be best suited and qualified to take the company forward.”


Headcount and staff costs were reduced by half. The revised structure stabilised the business at break even and laid the foundation for a progressive approach in a challenging market.

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