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Who are we and how can we support your success

Multi-faceted experience that’s applicable to any business environment

Vertical is founded and managed by Cathy Bennett, a sales professional with 20 years’ commercial experience and a proven track record in business at all levels.

“My professional background allows me to operate effectively wherever I’m put,” she says, “while my international business experience and second language give me the tools to work across multi-cultural business environments.”

Cathy is dedicated to making things happen and has embedded this ethos in the way Vertical tackles assignments. “We involve ourselves completely in our clients’ projects,” she continues. “The result is full-on attention to every facet of the sales function and a managed outcome that delivers real revenue back into the business.


We make your business our business

Vertical is no ordinary sales consultancy. Not for us a routine sweep around your business, followed by the table-thumping report and a swift exit leaving you with even more work and a hefty invoice.

We don’t simply make recommendations. With us, your business becomes ‘our’ business because we work with you to deliver effective, tailored sales solutions geared specifically to your needs.

Our key point of difference is our hands-on approach. We work at every level, from boardroom to field sales, developing your people and leaving them with workable and sustainable solutions. We’ll be out there on the road with your sales team, finding out what makes them tick, monitoring their call performance on the spot and identifying any barriers to their success.

Vertical sees projects through to the very end. We’ll provide the training, coaching and mentoring to up performance and the strategic advice to get systems and processes working as they should.

Improving sales performance and increasing revenue

Vertical is a sales consultancy that’s dedicated to delivering a measurable improvement to your business’s sales performance.

We examine every aspect of your sales operation from the ground up. We look at your sales strategy and procedures, reviewing the synergy between your brand and sales propositions. We assess sales team structure and personnel through individual on-the-job performance monitoring. We recommend and undertake training where necessary and deliver ongoing coaching and mentoring to sustain improved performance. And we review your back office systems and processes for maximum effectiveness. This includes identifying the technology, such as CRM, that could really add value to your sales efforts while delivering a viable return on your investment.

Whatever the level of our involvement, Vertical will have a visible impact on your business by achieving a significant percentage increase in sales or in new business opportunities.


Tackling underperformance - identifying the right solutions

Businesses come to us for a variety of reasons, most of them centred round an underperforming sales function or on fresh opportunities that need targeting for the benefit of the business. Here are some typical scenarios taken from our client portfolio:

A specialist manufacturer’s regional sales team was beset by inexperience and inadequate monitoring, so much so that the sales director had to sell while struggling to manage…

A telemarketing business was returning poor sales of an add-on product for an automotive client, thereby jeopardising the account…

An IT recruitment consultancy found itself top heavy with staff as turnover plummeted, threatening big losses…

For all of these, we turned things around – respectively by aligning sales with forecasts despite difficult trading conditions, driving sales up by 20% to secure the account and validating a team restructure by focusing on the right people.

Delivering the sales outcomes your business needs

No matter what the state of the economic climate, your business needs to perform at its best by directing your sales effort where it’s most profitable and ensuring your teams and processes are up to the mark.

At Vertical we examine every aspect of your sales function so it can deliver more – from assessing performance and managing training to advising on strategy and the back office systems that will drive improvements. Importantly our sales consultancy gets under the skin of your business, tackling problems you’ve already identified and, very likely, others you didn’t know you had.

Our approach is governed by one over-arching principle – to help you achieve excellent business performance. So you can depend on us for a thorough analysis of the issues, some plain speaking and pragmatic solutions that really achieve results.


And we provide astonishing results!

By challenging and testing your thinking at every stage, we will achieve the results you’re after.

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Meet our team

We are diverse and highly experienced

The Vertical Team

Vertical works with a number of business professionals to provide relevant and expert input where it’s needed. From a variety of backgrounds, all of the Vertical Sales team share a passion for helping businesses achieve aspirational sales growth, together with a desire to help sales teams enjoy and reap the rewards of success.

Cathy Bennett


Cathy Bennett is the Principal of Vertical Sales; a dynamic sales consultancy that focuses on delivering a measurable increase in sales performance.
With a proven track record in the corporate world, Cathy has translated her knowledge and experience from that grounding into value add sales solutions for Corporates and SMEs alike. When you meet Cathy you will see a passionate, dynamic individual with a can do attitude. You will quickly recognise that Cathy makes things happen to help you achieve excellent sales performance. Clients who have worked with Cathy describe her as results oriented, challenging, proactive and energetic; most of all they will talk about a problem solver with a hands on approach. Work with Cathy and the impact on your business will be measurable, the solution will be tailored and your sales team will be winners.

Christine Rayner


Christine specialises in delivering tailored marketing solutions – from project plans to full management – that will earn real sales returns.

Ian Whiteling

Digital Communications Specialist

Ian is passionate about the power of insightful content to engage directly with people and add critical value to the customer experience by developing an invaluable dialogue with key audiences. When used strategically it can engage and build online communities around businesses and brands, raising profile, growing reputation, building kudos, promoting loyalty – all of which drive sales. He works with Vertical to build compelling value propositions and hone the sales story.

Louise Farrell FCIPD

Human Resources

Louise provides pragmatic, business focused HR, supporting sales through employee relations, performance management, training & development, incentive schemes and change management including restructuring.

John Niland


John Niland is based in Brussels and best-known as a conference speaker on doing higher value work: creating more opportunity via better conversations with clients. His passion is energising professionals to adapt and thrive in today’s challenging economy: to create more value and hence earn more fees in less time.